Error when updating to the latest version Nightly and Beta

Description of the issue:

I do not understand why these errors do not solve these problems and I have been dragging them for a long time and there is nothing of a solution when I have enabled Automatically send diagnostic reports they do not find the fault and these are a server problem when I update to the latest version this is a headache every day when there are new versions in nightly and beta and stable




Cc: @mattches @saoiray I need help please thanks

This issue is known to occur, I encounter it myself sometimes. I’m not sure if it is something on our end or something inherited from the Chromium side. On my Windows system, this issue will occur occasionally but typically goes away. I will reach out to the team and a see what we can do.

In the meantime, can you tell me how you do manage to update the browser? Do you end up re-downloading the install file from the Brave website in order to reinstall?

This is most likely a Chromium legacy issue. Because I previously had Chrome installed on my PC and had the same issue with Brave, I hope the error can be fixed and I want to get rid of these update error issues.

For my part, my update error problem does not go away and I have to live with these problems and I want to get rid of these errors.

Well, I’ll wait for your answer if there is any solution

When there is a new version I go to the hamburger settings about Brave and I open the update tab and I get the error. and I close the error update tab.

and the first thing I do I go to the task manager and I delete the Brave Update processes and I update the browser again and it updates correctly fine.


Yes, I have tried it before but that is not the case, it is still annoying to download the file and reinstall without uninstalling the browser. for me it is better that the update error is fixed and that it updates correctly without problem and without deleting the processes in the BraveUpdate task manager

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Will look into this — thank you for the information.

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hello @Mattches I just updated the Brave Beta browser and I got an error code but I also updated the stable version and Nightly and I got the same error as the image above and I want to know if there is any information about it if this was solved or not yet


Do you have any anti-virus software running on your machine at this time? I know that this can sometimes cause this error in Chrome and other Chromium browsers when attempting an update.

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