An application wants access to the keyring "default keyring"

Each time I open the brave browser the message "An application wants access to the keyring “default keyring”, but it is locked

This recurs over and over…and over

Running Linux Mint (Cinnamon) 21.2 (fully updated
Brave browser Version: 1.58.131
64 bit

I don’t wish to proceed by deleting the password.

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@Condobloke Brave’s password manager and sync uses your keyring for encryption. I’m not sure if what you’re seeing is similar to BRAVE Sync - ERROR SECURE STORAGE - SYNC DISABLED - #6 by Mattches or if yours is something completely different.

Either way, I’ll tag @Mattches on this and hope he can give some input before he heads out for the weekend.

I believe @Saoiray is correct here and the reason you’re seeing this is so that Brave can access the default keyring on your system.

I do realise that brave needs to access the keyring in order to be able to open

Brave was installed in the usual manner from:

Every other browser I use does not suffer from this setback
On other PC’s which I have the experience varies…some do throw the error…some dont
The internet is full of complaints re this subject. Brave must have some clue as to why it happens.

I also realise I can delete the default keyring etc

This is not ideal. The keyring is designed by people who know a great deal more than I , for security purposes.
For example, Chromium browser operates without a hitch. Brave is slowly but surely becoming a roadblock for my work.

btw…I am not receiving updates


I believe this is to due to the browser needing to have access to the keyring to store, retrieve and en/decrypt passwords in the browser. Chromium should have the same prompt as well.

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