Keyring required on Brave start in Linux Mint 21.1 - Resolved

The following issue is resolved – For those who wish to resolve this issue in Linux Mint, simply install seahorse by entering the following command in the command line:
sudo apt install seahorse
After installing the application, you may launch it from the menu and follow the directions suggested by the Brave Help Center listed below.

When launching Brave desktop browser, I am prompted to enter the keyring password (which for Linux is the user password.) This is known problem and there hasn’t been a real solution to the issue that I can find. However, in the Brave Help Center, there is a posting concerning this issue. It states:

  1. Open thePasswords and Keys app
  2. Ensure that the icon is unlocked (clickUnlock and enter your password to unlock)
  3. Check to see ifBrave Safe Storage is there — if not, please click the+ button to add it.

The problem is the very first step - where do I find the “Passwords and Keys” app? I cannot find it after searching the Menu items and there is no app that I can find for Linux.

I am using Linux Mint 21.1 and Brave version 1.47.171. This issue is not critical, but really annoying.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide!

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The key thing here is which Desktop Environment you are using. I’m guessing KDE because the keyring app there is terrible, intrusive and an utter waste of time. I had this issue when I did a new install and decided to put KDE on, big mistake it killed Brave’s sync completely. My solution was “apt install cinnamon” reboot to that and purge KDE. Problem solved.

Sorry I did not mention this, but I am using the Cinnamon desktop environment which is pretty much the default for Mint. However, I did run into this problem with KDE when using the Fedora distro. Like you, I ended up going through a bunch of hoops and resolved it using a blank keyring entry. This problem resolution was much simpler in Cinnamon once I installed the seahorse app. The Brave Safe Storage key automatically loaded and the issue went away.

So I completely agree. The issue in KDE is much more difficult and it messes up the Sync.

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