Brave / Amazon Prime

Brave does not work with amazon prime video for some reason. Must be opened in chrome. Latest Update. Bug reprt

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@doggofroggo did you already installed Widevine?

Yes, I can watch everywhere else except Amazon Prime. I have to use Google Chrome for Amazon.

I’m having the same issue.

Does the issue occur with Sheilds off?

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With the Shield Down works very well. I have the Brave stable version 0.65.121

With sheilds up, can you copy/paste the list of 3rd-trackers here?

Yes @fanboynz. I’ll do it and then I’ll paste it here

How to see 3rd party trackers list? I am also facing the same issue with the version 0.65.120.

with sheilds on, click on ‘third-party trackers’ and copy each line and paste in here.

Doesn’t work for me shields or not. Amazon says it has an error and offers widevine support.

Okay, that’s a different issue

Okay I signed up a prime account, and it tested fine. (In Brave release).
video playback (no sound captured),

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