Always open bookmarks in a new tab

When I open a bookmark, I never want to overwrite the tab I’m on. Yes, I know it can be opened in a new tab with middle click but I shouldn’t have to remember to. I’ve been doing this in Firefox for almost two decades, using extensions (such as tab mix plus) or more recently about:config settings. Honestly I don’t even understand why someone would want your bookmarks to open in the current tab. To me it’s like editing a document in Word, then when you open Calculator from the start menu Word goes away (and possibly loses what you were working on), but that’s the default that Chrome and all its descendants have gone for and it’s extremely frustrating. I’d also like this to apply to the URL bar, but I suspect that would be more work. Heck, I’d settle for a tweak to the WE API to let an add-on do the work.

I couldn’t agree more!
Bookmarks are a special case, to me. I have Google Search set to open search links in a new tab and I would expect to be able to configure Bookmarks and Address bar URLs to open in new tabs as well.

I’ve been searching for years for a Chromium extension that will simply let me manage my Tab opening, etc like TabMixPlus did for Firefox.