Open Bookmarks/Addressbar in New Tab by default


I’m requesting a couple of features but with the same basic principle which is very familiar and has thousands of requests for all other browsers.

  1. Open Bookmarks directly in a new tab - a switch which would allow people to use it either way. Right now it’s available with Middle Mouse click(Clicking with Middle Mouse would load it in the same Tab)

  2. Open address bar entries in a new tab - similar to the above but when typing anything in the address bar. You need to use Alt+Enter to do so at the moment(Alt+Enter would load it in the same tab).

The case:
Everyone I’ve seen workarounds this by opening new tab and writing something inside. That is totally unnecessary as you could just type in any tab’s address bar and it would open in a new tab by default(provided you’ve enabled this in the settings).
Pretty much the same goes for the bookmarks.

Again, I am not asking to change this but merely to add the option for people to choose for themselves how to handle these cases.

TabMixPlus - the super popular Chrome extension had this handled and then it was disabled by Google for some reason.

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestions! Will pass it along to the team. :slight_smile: