New User Qs: Open everything in new window? Bookmarks icon?

First, a comment: This community site doesn’t make it at all obvious for a new user (or user considering whether to use Brave) to ask a basic question.

Q1: I’d like every new page to open NOT in a tab, but a new window. Is there a config option for this? Bear in mind I’ve no prior familiarity with Chrome.

Q2: I have imported old bookmarks from another browser, and they’ve appeared on the third line (tabs on 1st line, icons and address bar on 2nd line, and a whole otherwise empty 3rd line for Bookmarks). Can a bookmarks icon be configured to appear on the 2nd line?

This is not a question, but more a statement about why I’m considering changing: The browser (Pale Moon) I’m currently using has a bit too much interference between windows. What I mean by that is that I feel delays e.g., while typing or in getting things displayed because of what other browser windows are doing. I have a workstation class machine with a lot of cores and this is not an issue with anything else. The architecture of my current browser appears to be at fault.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom you are willing to share.


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