Opening bookmarks in a new tab by default

How do you open new bookmarks in a new tab by default so to save right-mouse clicking and open in new tab…?


Not sure if you can do that, but if you have a middle mouse button, that should do the same thing.


Well yeah, when on desktop, I could use middle mouse button but that’s still not ideal, especially if on notebook.

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Fair point. Another option, if you don’t have middle-click available, is Ctrl+(left) Click. This will do it as well. And if you add Shift to that combo, it will switch to it when it opens.

I realize none of these is exactly what you’re looking for, but maybe something will help you.

In the meantime if you do submit a feature request, might be good to put it in the Chromium issue tracker as this almost certainly is dependent on Chromium behavior.

I also came across this extension, but I have no idea if it still works or if it’s any good:


Thanks for your suggestions. I want to refrain from installing extensions.

Vivaldi (Chromium based) does this by default - I’ve no idea if that tells us anything or not.


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