Open Bookmarks in New Tab

Should it be possible that there will be a future that open the bookmarks in a New Tap?

This would be very useful and not only bookmarks opening in new tab but having bookmarks in a smaller view — not having to redirect to a whole new page just to access bookmarks.


Doesn’t work. It always open in the current tab.

I’m on mobile, specifically android.

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I don’t have that toggle anywhere. Only settings that I have that are regarding tabs are show top sites and background images.

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Exactly! It sucks that mobile users get the short end of the stick. I know Brave focuses primarily on privacy and crypto but what about the other group of users that wants full customizability of the browser (like desktop) + functionality that many other browsers don’t have.

Maybe I should open a feature request as it’s quite frustrating how one of the main focuses is crypto.

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Windows 10 with latest Brave release

Disabling, reenabling, restarting did not help. Bookmarks are still open in the current tab.

About Firewall+VPN, my bad. I don’t use desktop so I had no idea about that. I’ll add that that’s not something I will use as it’s too expensive. I don’t like that you can’t toggle on or off on Firewall+VPN, though. That is part of my frustration with the functionality part of Brave.

Indeed it is a big mistake to focus on something that should come in second.

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New to the forum, somewhat new to Brave…I am migrating to Brave from Fireweasel on Linux desktop because of stability problems with that browser. I also am using Brave on a couple of Android mobile devices, I find for what I do that it is much handier than other mobile browsers I have tried. Desktop–I typically run 2 brave browsers open on 2 different monitors with usually 2-4 tabs open in each one. I have bookmarks in different category files up top in the bookmarks toolbar. Is there a way on the Linux desktop version of Brave - I currently am on 1.45.133 on a Manjaro stable system with the Plasma desktop…to open bookmarks in new tabs. It would be a vast improvement for my workflow if possible. Many kind thanks.

Use the Sidebar, there you can open the bookmarks without much hassle, but if you want them to open in another tab, just click on the links of the other pages while pressing Ctrl or Ctrl + Shift.


This is the one option that’s missing in Brave. So annoying that you specifically have to tell it to open a bookmark in a new tab…

Browsers like Vivaldi & Firefox already have had this for ages.

I’m new to brave browser but this is very imp feature missing in it.

Just Swipe the down the bookmark by holding Left Mouse click button

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wow man what a workaround.

There have been several open topics about this for a few years now…
have already managed to implement this feature
to just click on it from the bookmark and it opens in a new tab?