Publisher, but I won't use Uphold


I can and would love to bring thousands of users to your platform, but there’s no way I’m creating an Uphold account. Who cares about blocking trackers when we need to add our social security number and name of our first born child to get paid?

The whole purpose of crypto is to move away from this crap. I’m concerned this contradicts everything you guys are about and will hurt your brand.

Ideally I can simply give you an ETH address for payout, or even the wallet address of my browser wallet. Let me figure out on my own how to convert the BAT to other crypto/eth if I want. I don’t need this done for me.

User, Publisher, Developer, will not use Uphold

Uphold handles the KYC process ( which is necessary to comply with laws.

However, looping in @Asad for additional information.



Hi @Asad - if there’s any way to associate a personal ETH address with my publisher account instead of using Uphold please let me know. I’d love to participate in your publisher program.


I’m in agreement with this user.
What’s to kyc? It’s crypto-to-crypto, no fiat involved. You don’t need to kyc. This is in the same way exchanges like etherdelta don’t need to kyc.


HI, I was about to start a new topic to ask about what’s all this about tax forms that I see in the Publishers page?

I was feeling really excited about Brave, but if it’s as it appears to me, it’s a deal breaker. I did not realize that it would be no different. Someone please tell me that there will be a way to interact with the blockchain directly?

One thing… My question… What countries could I be based in and not have to produce tax forms for Uphold?
Thanks for any enlightenment.



Alternatives to Uphold are being actively explored and will come in due time. The team is aware that crypto enthusiasts can sometimes be reluctant to use a service like Uphold, which is why the team has met with various blockchain-related solutions (such as CIVIC) to try and decentralize and the process, particularly for crypto-to-crypto. (Fiat is inherently centralized and regulated.) This will come in time, but it’s an area Brendan has been actively looking at and discusses quite frequently on Twitter.


hi chriscat, thanks for replying. It’s all a bit confusing, maybe it’s not a problem… I’ll do some more research!


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