Why Uphold? High Withdrawal fees and Terrible Customer Service

Hey guys,

I know I had been a having lot of issues lately, but I really like to think of Brave as something revolutionary that I can recommend to everybody eventually. Things like blurry and too pale text or inability to customize may navbar buttons (like in FF) are currently secondary.

However, I had a really bad experience with your current wallet provider, the Uphold. I wanted to connect and verify my Uphold account with Brave Creators Account. Spent two hours trying to pass my Passport ID verification test without luck, their agents told me that if I can’t produce secondary document like driving license, then sorry, but I cannot use their service and stop talking to me. Sadly I don’t have any such document. So I kept complaining and now I am waiting if some higher instance will step in and resolve this unacceptable behavior and clearly flawed verification system they employ.

At the same time, fees throughout their site are pretty steep in comparison with other crypto financial services I use. They might not charge a percentage fee for BAT, but they charge 3 USD flat charge for any crypto-withdrawal anyway (as opposed to just a small gas fee that is charged elsewhere). I sincerely hope that you will get rid of this interloper ASAP and allow us to use our own cryptowallets to avoid these ‘pleasantries’. That would be grand indeed!



I was hoping Brave would use their own wallet and I will be able to transfer my tokens to someone else without registration on third-party services. Lack of registration was the main reason why I was interested in Brave and Uphold make it absolutely unacceptable for me.

I see only one reason why Brave chose this way: this is simple. And I hope it was a temporary solution. I understand why developers use “crutches” (I did the same), but Brave can more and better!

You need own solution, guys! Direct transfers between users, ability to withdraw your tokens through any exchange or any other wallet, etc. Remember: bureaucracy is evil!

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Agree that Uphold is less than worthless. Cannot even text you for their authentication have to load multiple apps onto your phone. I’ll wait until you find a proper solution to mess that prevents people from creating accounts with you.

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