Ah, the good old bug with estimated rewards is still here!

Well honestly this is probably the last time I report a bug(actually this is the last time I will report this bug, not others lol). Us, users we feel like we’ve have been cheated. Say you started a new job, but you receive part of your salary, the next month you receive again part of it and everybody is saying to you that this is ok, your salary is not stealled or lost. But you never receive the whole amount!!!
I have send DM to @steeven 3-4 weeks ago and nothing. The majority of the info I have recieved is from other users, saying that this is server issue. If it is then the whole thing with BAT sistem should be recreated. Last month admins were saying that we will receive more BATs, and yes as you can see down there are more BATs, but 0.7 BATs from 2,970 earned in March are from February. And this thing spreds back to November 2021 for me!
Suprise suprise, as you can see the next month I will still “earn” more BAT :laughing:

Hi @sasho9522, can you DM me the Wallet Payment ID for this device? Thank you.

I have already do that 3-4 week ago, I will re-send you my message and you should get it :slight_smile:

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