After help verifying, ads showed, BAT earned, now it's stopped

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I needed help verifying with Gemini, and after working with Brave support, it finally got verified, I was seeing ads, and earning BAT, but now it’s stopped. I’m still verified though.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?

Windows 11, Brave 1.44.101

Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no)


What date did you verify your wallet?


Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?

Yes, on my Android device.

Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)


Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)?


Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?


What do you mean, it stopped?
How long have you been without seeing ads?
What can you see in your 30-day ads history?

I mean, I was seeing ads, and my estimated earnings were increasing, and now I don’t see ads anymore, and I’ve been stuck on 0.805 BAT.

Almost a week without seeing an ad.

Five ads on 9/22
Eighteen ads on 9/21 (the day I got the verification issue fixed)

@GregL Problem in trying to answer topics like yours is that there are way too many moving parts and it leads to many questions having to be asked. For example:

  • Your Rewards could have been flagged. Best way to know this is to try linking to Gemini again. This would mean you’d have to disconnect first.

  • Your region may not have a lot of ads at this time that are also targeting your device. (not sure where you are). For that, I’d just suggest you check out Understanding Brave Ads Catalog Viewer

  • Your activity on the device could cause it. Such as if you’ve been watching a lot of videos in full screen or you’re playing games in full screen, then ads would be paused, at least during those times.

  • You might have things like Focus Assist turned on or there might be Automatic Rules which haven’t been disabled under Focus Assist, which would turn it on even though you had Focus Assist off. If enabled, Focus Assist will prevent ads on your device.

  • You could have somehow accidentally changed notification settings for Brave under your Notification Center on Windows. So might need to check there.

  • Using an IP different than your Locale (so if your computer says you’re in France but VPN says you’re in United States, you’ll have issues)

  • In some cases, using a gaming mouse as the driver can prevent ads. Though someone else suggested a way to prevent this issue at Ads depend on the number of monitors? - #12 by CharlesKlein

List kind of can go on.

Also, if you do end up checking and see you’ve been flagged for some reason, then you’d have to do a Support Ticket to get it resolved.

In the meanwhile, I guess just is about checking all of your settings. Making sure Brave Ads is on, you have it selected to 10 per hour or whatever, you don’t have Focus Assist on Windows anything similar turned on, you try to think about what might have changed in the week that you’ve seen ads (like if a new mouse/keyboard, updated drivers, if you used a VPN, etc), and whatever else.

It looks like you have been flagged.
And yes, this happened to me twice recently. One has a device unverified, and by the time its verify it, it gets flagged. There is something in the algorithm that clashes with recently verified devices that have already accumulated rewards.

Please, follow @Saoiray instructions. Confirm if its flagged and open a support ticket explaining in detail what happened.

I have no idea what happened, but all of a sudden, I’m now seeing ads and accumulating BAT. No clue at all what happened. I changed nothing.

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As I mentioned, it’s possible you had hit the ad cap for ads targeting your OS in your region.

If they worked differently to show good and bad, I’d have even advised you to check logs. The problem with logs is it only shows errors. A lot of times people jump to wrong conclusions on it. Like for me right now:

And of course, when I went to check ads in my region, I’m seeing:

What’s incredibly weird about that though is if I open the same link in Chrome, I see as below:

Not sure what’s causing that issue, for it to come up blank in Brave. I’ll be seeing if @sampson and/or @SaltyBanana might have any clues.

Anyway, just saying it’s not unusual to have a few days or week with no ads, especially if you use Brave a lot. As you can see on mine, this month looks to be paying incredibly well somehow. That’s despite seeing the error logs.

Photos 9_28_2022 14_26_14

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Thanks for that in-depth explanation. I’m still relatively new to Brave, but I’ve switched over exclusively to it on all my devices. I love being able to search for something and not have to see tons of ads for products related to my search on social media. And that is impressive BAT earnings! :clap:

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