Stopped receiving BAT :( even though I see ads

  • I have stopped receiving BAT rewards since 3/7/2022 even though I see ads. It’s stuck at 1.450 BAT for March month.
  • I am verified with Gemini (but unable to connect currently even though I’ve received rewards directly to my Gemini wallet before)
  • Using Windows 11, Brave Version 1.36.119 Chromium: 99.0.4844.83 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Any fix for this?

I have the same issue and I do not see any reply to your original post. I’m replying to keep this post open. I reinstalled Brave to see if that corrected the problem which it did not. I ran CC Cleaner as well and it did not correct the issue.

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From What Country are you from?

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I am from India. :india: :india: :india:

Having exact same problem.

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Try clearing the cache. This solved my problem when i had it earlier.

Tried it already, didn’t work.

@Mithilesh4 it didnt work

Everybody with the same problem and no solution yet. I’m having this issue since january.


I had the same issue. Then I sent a message to a browser support manager it got fixed. The problem is them not us.
Quote: “Note that our system can sometimes incorrectly flag wallets.”
Quote: “Note that any additional irregular activity will likely get this wallet ID flagged again and may result in it being flagged permanently.”
All in all, you will get the amount that your browser shows when it stopped earning. After that, you will go back to earn BATs

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Nice! How do I open the ticket to talk with some support manager?


I’ve got this using Nightly on Windows 11. Stopped paying out on 8th March. I too made a post about this in the Nightly forum. Hope they find a fix.

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I got the same problem. What email address can we use to ask for support?

Mattches send a message to him he will solve the problem.

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I sent him message and it got solved. Thanks!

He just asked me for my wallet payment ID, found on brave://rewards-internals page.

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Hi there.
I have also the same problem. My last payment was Dec 09, 2021
I exclusifly work with brave… but no luck so far. to whom can I address this issue please?

@pakko send message to @Mattches.

Hi there @saykam
many thanks for you message
But both steeven and Mattches will look into the matter you think?
Fingers crossed :wink:

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