I don't get bat for viewing ads

I no longer get bat for viewing ads. I tried reinstalling the browser and it didn’t help.
What could be the problem?

Hello. The ads still show up, but they don’t add a payment? The ads don’t add a lot of BAT when seen, but if you click the add and go to the website it gives you more BAT if this is the case.

Hope this helps!

The ads still show up, but they don’t add a payment.
I am using Windows. After reaching 0.300 bat, progress has stopped. If i click the add nothing happening. I’m not using vpn, maybe one time at all

Where are you based? The ads are different in different places.

I’m from Russia. Ads are available in my region.
Am I right?

What nonsense are you talking about.
You would still show the message of 18 years.
Advertising in Russia is working successfully.
Do not mislead people.

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I did not know how outdated the article was. Thanks.

If you want to help people, then study all the points first.

Okay, thank you for the information. Good to know. Hey, do you know how to fix this persons problem?

I can only assume that this is a bug in the server and soon everything will work and all the earned tokens will return to their place.

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