I'm not getting any BAT add, even with the adds on

So I’ve been using brave for 20 days now, and yet, I never seen any of thoses brave adds pop up, even tho the rewards are enabled. I made that Uphold wallet that i got verified recently, and still nothing changes. my country (france) also is refered as one of thoses country supporting brave adds. am i doing something wrong? i’d really enjoy to gather the BAT since i’m using it a lot for working.
could anyone help with that?

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True I get No BAT_UI_Logo

Hi @Verschenku - thanks for reporting. What Brave version and OS are you on? Are you running a VPN?

Thanks in advance!

Well yes i’m on windows 10, i’m using a VPN, but i always connect myself to the same contry i live in (france) . what about that?

hello @steeven so i’m using windows 10 and the version V1.9.72 (sorry for the late reply i never knew my topic received answers and i kinda droped it for a bit.)

Thanks @Verschenku. Can you turn the VPN off through a working session and see if you begin to receive ads?

i tried to get the vpn off for a day, that hasn’t change a thing. :confused: i’m kinda lost here. i’ve been checking any brave reward setting, and it’s supposed to work to my opinion.

@steeven well, second consecutive day without vpn, and still nothing . i don’t think it was the problem here, if you have any clue, i’d love to have an update, i really wish to collect some bat as i use brave daily !

I am using Ubuntu 18.04.04 and I am watching the adds but my BATs are not going up, they stay there. Before writing this, I clicked and watched 3 adds and nothing.

My brave version is: [Version 1.9.76]

Thanks @ for your patience. Can you update to the latest version when you have a sec?

i’m using the 1.9.76 version which is the last as it’s marked. do you think it could be somehow connected to the fact i’m not receiving any on windows (even tho they are enabled?)

@steeven my brave browser is updated, i still haven’t find yet a way to get the add- on. could you please help me about it?

@steeven sorry to bring this back, but i’d really like to have some help with this problem of mine since i use that browser a lot, and i’d like to take all the benefits from it, and that feature is one i’d really love to see working since i started using brave.

Hi @Verschenku - are you running any extensions? We released a new update on Monday, can you update when you have a sec.

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