Seeing Ads but no BAT

I have googled and searched all over for this answer. I’m not seeing any solid fix for it yet, just more people with the same issue. I can see ads just fine and they show up in my history, however my BAT is still at the same number since I started using Brave on my PC. I went through all the basic troubleshooting. I have followed every rule from the beginning, I am not using a VPN, my region allows ads, nothing is muted so I can see them all.
I’m really frustrated and just not sure what to do or how to contact anyone for answers on this. Any advice?

In case anyone else comes across this post I ended up working with someone at Brave and found this was entirely user error on my part. I was getting BAT for the ads, I was reading the number that comes up here as my current BAT. The top part is what I assumed was my current count, it’s not.

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