Ads in Brave News on Android

Hello evreyone,

I saw there is a problem with the ads in Brave News on Android. You can see them but you will not get any bat for watching them. I tried it several times now also to click on them but it is not working. Does anyone else have this problem?


Hi, @kryptointerest.
I has the same problem.
In the android, i win only for the popup or wen i refresh the page, in the Brave News i can’t get BAT.

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yes I have the exact same problem, the other ads are working but the the news ads not

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Brave’s need a person for anwser the community. There are a lot of unanswered topics.

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lets try to tag someone and see if we get a answer @steeven

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I will look for an answered topic.

I already looked but there was no answered solution

@Herrvader, this guy i think can help us.

I have the same problem, but on a computer and not on Android, I said 5 days I did not get a BAT.
However, the value of the advertisement has now changed from 10 BAT to 5 BAT since the middle of last month>

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Hi @M.Mokhtar.
I believe the reward amount depends on the BAT quote.
The higher the quote the less you get

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Hello @Lucasz
I know that the price of cryptocurrencies is on the rise, but the problem is that not all days of ads work with me, since from the beginning of the month I got only two days of advertising revenue! Now it’s the 7th and you haven’t worked with me today either.
And the second point is “inquiry,” how do I increase the number of ads per hour! I am now allowed only 4 ads!

There are a lot of variables on this issue. I have the same issue from time to time. I actually have not seen a brave ad in the news feed for a month. So a couple things to “try” and answer a few of the questions in this thread…

  1. As the price of Bat goes up and down, you will receive less or more Bat respectively. Although I am unsure of what those thresholds are.
  2. You can set Brave for a maximum of 10 ads per hour. Please remember that this is peak rewards ads, not the minimum. You may only get one pop-up ad all day or in 3 days. I have been through that issue myself a few times.
  3. If you are clicking on ads in the news feed and not getting any reward, you need to DM @steeven and let him know. He’ll ask for your wallet info and try and get the issue solved for you.
  4. Here is a link to some general information from Brave concerning rewards. There is good info here that everyone should read.

So you know, I’m no tech guy and am just a regular user like you. All of this info is out there, you just need to spend a bit of time reading through some posts/threads.

I hope this helps you all out.


Please be patient with support issues. There are over 50 million monthly users on Brave and there are very few moderators at this time. Depending on your issue it may take days to get the solution.


I see ads on new tab background and as notification ad, the only problem I have is, that the ads in brave news on android are not counting to my balance. I tried evrey troubleshooting I found but did not found a solution for me.

@Mattches @steeven

See #3 of my previous post.

Same with me on my android.

WOW, This is a crazy number, do you have a complete statistic of browser users!
The counter is finally moving today :slight_smile:
thnx @Herrvader

I do not have exact numbers. That number came from a search query and is as of December 2021.

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I am still not able to get credited for ads in brave news. Maybe I am doing something wrong, tried evreything now. Need help @steeven

@steeven i have the same issue with brave news showing me ads but not counting them sometimes
Please help