Hello Brave Bat Team, Whats Wrong WIth The Math?

I just took these screenshort today at 5.13am on each of my android phone. I’m not good with math but please take a look on the picture attachments (i put the oval red color).

Only one question:


thanks before.

If I were to guess, these are two seperate devices right? And you are wondering why the android 7 one has more BAT despite less ads viewed? I think it might be possibly that device just happened to have seen the ads that payout more, like the ones that are worth 10 BAT as opposed to the ones worth only 5? That is what I would be guessing it is. If this is what you were asking.

If this is the case, then yes not all ads payout the same. I believe if you look at this ads catalog it shows you the ads available to your region and what they are worth, notice some show like 0.005 and others 0.010. https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/

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You don’t have to click ads in order to receive BAT. How is it that you have received so many ads already this month?

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Probably got super lucky with the ads ACTUALLY showing and sponsored ads and whatnot. I have had dismal results these past few days on droid and Linux - only sponsored images are showing for me with 1-3 ads all day long… And yet I turned on my windows computer today and I was getting lots of consistent ads. Guess I used up a lot of my ad catalogs for Linux systems…

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I was consistently getting 4-5 notification ads per hour (plus new-tab ads) a few months ago. Then the BAT value jumped up quickly, and now I do well to get 10 per day. That’s with 689 ads currently available in my region. It is what it is, I guess.

SAME . At least it’s not me. Guess I gotta drag my clunky windows PC into my room every darn day then…

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I mean I totally understand how the ads work, the possibility of getting 0 ads. But to spend like 9 hours browsing and getting no ads. Is pretty darn insane! But I’m patient. I know it comes and goes in waves.

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Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yes I have 2 Android phone 7 n 10 version. But as we know brave pay us using BAT not using USD (so we can ignore usd amount on this) I took the screenshot on same day same time but it didn’t make sense how come the android 10 with more ads I received only have less BAT compare with the less and on Android 7 showing me having more BAT. This seems doesn’t right. That’s what I’m trying to have answer. Both devices have same setup and click sponsored images as well, and I use my brave on Android 10 more often daily then on Android 7.

Brave on my windows 10 never show me any ads again so I uninstalled it. But I’m using 3 Linux distro and brave still give me ads via sponsor images and ads notification. Hmm why never show ads on brave windows os :thinking:

I don’t know, maybe because I’m using external DNS crypt system on device sometime it makes my browsing experience with brave better than using the internal DNS on brave :thinking: in my situation ads only received when I clicked it I have tried to ignore by not clicking it but it won’t give me more ads token.

I think what it might be is you are just happening to get lower paid BAT ads shown on that one device. Hence more that only payout 0.005 bat as opposed to 0.010. Two devices in theory can be right next to each other and they will not receive exactly the same ad at exactly the same time etc. That is my best take on what might be happening. As for the Windows thing, who knows. I have had better results these last few days using Windows over Linux and forget Android. But I think its just a thing and will reside soon enough.

I have two devices that are collecting BAT, a Windows PC and an Android tablet. The Windows PC receives slightly more ads (because I use it more), but the tablet seems to get more of the higher-paying ads, so it has more BAT.

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