I need to see 40+ ads to earn a single BAT since the last update

It appears the BAT reward has dropped significantly since the last update that fixed the 5 ads per day bug. Is this actually the new payout for ads, a bug, or something wonky with the estimated earnings? I can’t imagine you folks really intend for us to see 40+ ads to earn a single 23 cent BAT. In case you need to know my location for troubleshooting, it’s Everett, WA.


I notice this started after September for me, I used to received around 21-27 Bats per month, and then it dropped to 5 Bats per month, then 3 and now just 1 Bat per month. If this is how it is, then they need to be called out for their claims not being genuine, or they will need to give an explanation.

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@steeven we are really going through this from update 1.18.75 we are getting adds but it hasn’t increased bat

So, just an update.

My original calculation, unfortunately, was incorrect. I say unfortunately because I’ve now seen 60 ads for a total of 0.36 BAT. Any updates on this? If it’s just the new payouts, that’s an update too. I’d just like to know either way.

They said in this thread that they will no longer give 0.100 bat per ads. You only get 0.010 bat for the ads you get which means you can only have 0.400 bats in a day.

I can understand smaller payouts for third world countries or countries that don’t have much demand… But I can’t imagine they’d intentionally pay out like 23 to 30 cents a month to the US Market. Our attention is far more valuable than that and many of us would leave Brave on sheer principal for the bait and switch.

At this point, it has nothing to do with country to be honest . People from different countries have posted and confirmed this issue countless times in multiple threads . i don’t understand how it could be concluded as normal . Like seriously literally every advertiser in the world using brave rewards platform suddenly decided to decrease their investment by 10 times , all at once . That doesn’t sound true in any way whatsoever . its really sad that its not been looked into properly or even acknowledged at all


@steeven @tmancey please enlighten us on this i Live in us i have the exact same problem

Hi @Matt @xd003 @Lavodas! I work on the ads team here at Brave. Would you be willing to screen-share so we can investigate further? If so, can you please reach out to tmancey@brave.com and let me know availability. Thank you, Terry

@kayero This is incorrect, as ads vary depending on many factors as outlined in the thread and hopefully I can get a few more screen shares to make sure all is working as expected. Thanks

@tmancey, Hello ,is there really nobody for checking ads rewards value I confirm the “divided per 10” for all ads rewards, how is it possible to register on uphold with earning so low… :frowning:

As above I need to see 40+ ads to earn a single BAT since the last update, more than happy to jump on calls to check the values

8634b1bd-5f22-4b21-b847-1b9584f0d5dd - Nouveau Kindle - 0.01BAT
09ae5998-9360-40a3-b233-76c9fc1117ca - ProtonMail - 0.01BAT
6f501081-71b7-458e-96ab-a12857161ddb - - 0.025BAT
113edb61-2e44-4af0-b3f9-68aee3d64f01 - Nexo's Earn on Crypto - 0.025BAT
a501104d-b9ee-4eaa-a48c-87b5633df74a - Prime Student - 0.01BAT
31c844c3-fad3-43dc-9bd7-560d58d70a5c - Marre que Gmail vous épie ? - 0.01BAT
d3a10120-73e6-4643-8f24-7e739451edc0 - Amazon Ventes - 0.01BAT
d62b1786-9beb-4f96-834c-9309e31f6aa7 - ProtonMail - 0.01BAT
4f568fa9-fb83-40da-b816-b43e8c0604a5 - Official Brave Socks - 0.01BAT
abfff6da-8552-49f6-a0dd-1631c8bf825b - Ledger Nano X - 0.01BAT
b445a4d3-e80f-4952-a24e-a41a3796272f - eToro - 0.01BAT
eeb69bc7-4b06-4035-9bd6-a9d78dd82331 - Joignez-vous à Tresorit! - 0.025BAT
ab5c21af-2b81-4a21-b9cf-6feaec0e4d01 - NordVPN - 0.01BAT
fead05b0-5d6b-4fc2-94cf-c47fa4ef62e2 - Lenovo - 0.01BAT
22deb8f2-bfa7-4493-b52c-307f22b39629 - Earn on Crypto with Nexo - 0.025BAT
64c661fe-cd90-44e0-a417-07ff3dccb3ee - eToro - 0.01BAT
d6738aa7-eb2a-4c12-91ff-f5dc21793161 - ProtonVPN - 0.01BAT
c59de3c7-5c65-4be7-9924-60992eb4e96c - Ledger Nano S - 0.01BAT
0c0b6fb6-2acf-42be-a3a3-73b872c74979 - NordVPN - 0.01BAT
665868f0-1792-4791-9418-af7bdb6682b9 - Amazon Ventes - 0.01BAT
0481a5a4-feed-42e6-84ca-8bd4ff6d4237 - ProtonVPN - 0.01BAT
c7e19851-6efe-45e2-ab9c-6dfb7381f94d - Ledger - Pack Famille - 0.01BAT
138e3580-2d4f-477a-9ee2-aaf34b49fbaf - NordVPN - 0.01BAT
fa30faec-288d-43ac-ae06-cc485dbea1ae - Des bonnes affaires Lenovo - 0.01BAT
09ae5998-9360-40a3-b233-76c9fc1117ca - ProtonMail - 0.01BAT
45b36882-31d6-4315-b8e3-61efa1e36304 - Ledger Nano X - 0.01BAT
795a8714-c6f5-4251-b934-0d5ef180cd0d - null - 0.01BAT
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Check out this thread

About uphold for registering (25 BAT needed)
20 ads/day at 0.01 -> 125 days
20 ads/day at 0.15 -> 8.3 days
9.24986 BAT fee for withdrawing so :
20 ads/day at 0.01 -> 46 days
20 days/day at 0.15 -> 12.3 days
does it seem legit or unreflected?

are you agree @tmancey ?

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I think there is another bug on thisz no matter how the price.move each ad always cost 0.01 bat. Please check on this as if this is not normal.

@Silencer1069 Could you please send your payment id from brave://rewards-internals to tmancey@brave.com so I can investigate. Thanks

Based on my call with @Chisel99, please see below:

Ad campaigns vary by country, and by operating system. In some countries, there may be fewer ads observed throughout the month based on campaign size, delivery pacing, operating systems, content categories and that advertisers have selected to run their ads to.

As we continue to generate additional demand for countries where Brave Ads are available, the consistency should improve over time.

Hello @tmancey I beg to differ. I used to receive ads regularly (they paid too little, but that’s another story). Since December 31, I haven’t received anything. My settings are the same, I didn’t change anything etc. Also, it seems lots of people on this forum are having the same issue. There must be a problem, don’t you agree?

I agree this is not the only reason. Would you be free for a screen-share so I can help find the cause? If so, can you please email me direct at tmancey@brave.com. Alternatively can you DM me your payment id from brave://rewards-internals, your operating system and the version of Brave you are using. Thanks