Not recieving BAT for clicking on ads on Android

I get 5 ads per hour and I don’t earn my BAT for clicking on the ads

I installed brave on my android 3 days back and I have been receiving BAT for clicking on ads but suddenly I stopped receiving BAT for clicking on ads around 30th September. It has been stuck on the same balance for a day.

I can provide a screen recording of the whole process -

Thank you in advance

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Hi @Vishh, Welcome to Community!
You don’t receive BAT from clicking on ads, only when the ads are displayed.
So if you already see the notification, you should have already been paid.


Hi Admin, my pending rewards and ads received for the month stopped counting although brave browser has been displaying 20+ ads since yesterday, - 30th September. Kindly assist me fix the issue, thanks

You can see the video I linked with my query. I am not being paid

I’m having the same problem as well. Android Brave is showing me lots of ads, but the ads counter has stopped increasing, and I’m not getting any BATs either.


i m getting ads but my bats are not increasing

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