Ads are being show but not being paid; new tab page ads are buggy as well

Device: Laptop

OS: Windows

For the past few days I’ve been seeing ads but not being paid for them. Interestingly most do not show up as notifications. Some however do. The ones that show up are reflected in my Estimated Earnings. But in the 7-day history page it says that I’m receiving around 20 ads/day (when the browser is use for about 7 hrs/day) but yet getting paid for the 5-10 of them that show up in the notifications although all of them are marked as ‘Viewed’
I’ve checked all my notifications settings, set my power plan mode to Performance mode and yet no change.

The new tab page ads are buggy as well. Sometimes I get paid, sometimes I don’t. I know about the 4 ads/hour update. When it does work I get paid for all the 4. But say I start up my PC the next day and open Brave, I still see these ads but do not get paid, no matter how many times I refresh the new tab page, restart the browser or my PC.
I’d also like to add that I do not receive any BAT for the new tab page ads when I’m in Power Saver mode on the Balanced Power plan on windows (which is most of the time except when I’m experimenting with BAT rewards) even though notifications are on.

This is really disappointing since I do see ads but not get paid.

Edit: I do not use a VPN.

There are many threads about the same issue. Never seen a an explanation nor a solution. No idea why Brave keeps showing us ads that we aren’t paid for. It would be better to not show any ads in that case.

Seems a bit like a scam that they show us more ads than the number of bats that they pay us for to see.

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There was a fix released for the new-tab page issue, but apparently it didn’t fix it for everyone. That means there’s more than one cause. Now they have to identify other causes and find a fix for them. It takes time. That’s why they ask for the troubleshooting information in the template that shows up when you start a new topic.

What issues have been fixed and what’s remaining?

There was a fix released for new-tab ads displaying but not being counted, but it appears that there was more than one cause for that symptom, and only one got fixed. The other cause(s) have not yet been identified.

It’s still broken.

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@steeven @Mattches It appears that the fix for the NTP ads didn’t fix it for everyone.

What’s NTP?

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New-tab page, also known as sponsored-image. Referring to the ads you sometimes see when you open a new tab on your browser. You can receive BAT for up to four per hour, 20 per day, in addition to notification (pop-up) ads.

ı got max 5 times others not giving BAT , are u sure ?

The funny part is that I didn’t have some of these problems before. I’m seeing them after the update.
This highlights yet another problem of not having control over updates. Let’s hope they change it in the near future.

Try updating Brave again. You should now be seeing a 30-day ad history, not just 7 days (although you won’t see a full 30 days of history until 23 days after you update).

Update: I updated to the latest version. Some problems got fixed while some still exist. New ones popped out as well.

Fixed Issues:

  1. I’m getting a proper update on my viewed ads in the ads history.
  2. Getting paid when in Power Saving mode.
  3. Getting paid for the NTP ads, well, most of the time. (New problem/fix showed up with NTP as mentioned later)

Existing issues:

  1. I forgot to mention this one in the OP. Almost every time after I’m able to successfully get paid for a NTP cycle for a certain hour, the next cycle is not repeated the next hour or two. I either have to wait for about 4-5 hrs or clear my cache, %temp% folder and restart my PC.

New issues:

  1. This one can be called an issue or a fix, I don’t really know. It is the fix I talked about in the above two sections : Sometimes the cycles repeat in a 1-2 hr duration i.e., how it’s supposed to work. But, if for some reason I restart my PC (most of the time) it stops working and I have to repeat the fix.

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