New tab ads I'm not suppose to see and no BAT payed

Here we go again. At least once a week I get a new tab ads that isn’t among those listed for my region here:

…and I receive no BAT from them.

This is frustrating; I already happen to live in a region (IT) with few ads. New tab ads are something like 70-80% of my daily rewards. And yet at least once a week I’m experiencing this. It happens on my PC, my wife’s and even on my laptop, sometimes connected to different access points / providers so I tend to rule out it’s something tied to my ISP or a specific computer configuration.

Looking at the posts in this forum it seems a lot of people are having this random problems. Considering rewards are the ‘Pay off’ of this browser, (there are other Chromium based forks that focus on security/privacy) the amount of troubles plaguing this mechanism is really frustrating! Just my .02 cents, here.

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