Sponsored advertising issue

I can’t get a reward from the sponsored ads I’ve ever seen. Is there a problem with the system?

Which country do you live in?

Turkey but i don’t understand what this has to do with the problem i’m having

The ads are dependant on the country you live in.

Open this website: https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ and check if there are any “New Tab Ads” available.

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I see the sponsored ad. The problem is I can’t get the bat bounty. This issue started in the last few days and is not getting better. The problem is not in the country I’m having, but in Brave Browser. I got paid last month. But right now I can’t earn BAT.

No, as I said did you open the Website and checked it?

Do you see any of these ads mention there:


yes i see bybit what will happen now seeing this is not a solution

Why are you acting so arrogant?
I was just trying to see what the problem is and without seeing this I couldn’t help.

If you don’t wanna work with me, then its fine. Wait for someone else to help you.

I’m not being arrogant. There are many people who are having problems. If I was gaining BAT 1 week ago, but now I can’t, the problem is not caused by me. Raise issues to authorities to assist. I opened a thread so you can realize there is a problem.

And just to be clear I don’t work at Brave. I am just a Common person trying to help people out.

The same problem, there is advertising, but there is no payment for it. I’m from Russia. I checked the site, there is such a mention, what does it mean?

That same exact thing had happened to me around 8-9 days ago.

It carried on till 5-7 days and it got fixed automatically.

This usually happens when there is a lack of New Tab advertisers.
When it was happening to me, I only had 1 New Tab Advertiser but now I have 3 advertisers so its working fine.

Just wait for a few more days, it shall be fixed.

It’s good if it will be so.

This is a known issue, and a fix will be released soon.

same issue here too…i am really geting messed up with this…FIX THIS ASAP

rajat bhai bta do kya scene ho rha hai…sala dimag kharab ho gya hai

Hote reheta hai kabhi-kabhi. Chinta mat karo automatically fix ho jayega.

ok bhai i hope jldi ho jae fix

Fix for users not being rewarded for New Tab Page Sponsored Image views is live for Desktop users-
Release Notes V1.27.111 (Aug 5, 2021)

i didn’t get any reward this month also. please fix the issue.