Not able to earn reward even after viewing ads

despite viewing multiple ads on the new tab …my BAT count is not increasing. Is this a glitch or a problem at braves end

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same problem after updating to latest version 1.25.68

I’ve been receiving a very small amount of bat (usually < 1) for the past 2-3 months despite viewing upto 5 ads per hour. Is this a bug or has the award model been changed?

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See question by AyanB214 and this response-

and this,

These two are very long post but can clear a lot of your doubts.
Also @aryan9600 frequently check you may receive less ads if there are less campaigners in your region. And remember to close the Brave browser and launch it again so that new Ads catalog is loaded (instead of minimising the browser and hybernating your pc/laptop).

Ultimately you won’t receive BAT payments for viewing ads if your wallet is flagged by automated system. Then you will have to contact support.

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I don’t think @BLAZE1307 have these issue. There is bug in new update. I’m not even getting ads

no ads after update as well

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