Add a tab grouping feature like Opera Workspaces

Add a feature like Opera’s Workspaces. These are like virtual desktops but for your browser. You create a “workspace” and can open tabs in it, then you can create a different workspace and create another set of tabs in it and can switch back and forth between the workspaces. New tabs are automatically added to the active workspace.

I regularly have 50+ tabs open when browsing. An (optional) Workspace feature would allow you to group the tabs into logical groupings based on task/function. Many times I have tabs open that are not relevant to what I am doing at the moment. I might not return to them for days or weeks but I keep them there because I do intend (hope) to return to them. Meanwhile they are cluttering up my browser.

Ideally this would probably be combined with a feature where those tabs in non-active workspaces are sleeping or otherwise using reduced resources

There is one. Right click a tab > Add tab to new group

Really compare this sollutions… Opera workspaces, hands down is winner here… Top of productivity… I cannot even pin when using bookmarks groups… this is useless and ugly sollution


I want most visible area possible! Opera really sucks on this

If you’re referring to the side bar, that’s just a UI detail. They could still implement workspaces without using up screen real estate, or at least, offer a few different options. For example, they could put it in a bottom status bar or in a menu

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I vote in favor of having “workspaces” like those in Opera web browser. Moreover, I want to emphasize the distinction among workspaces and tab grouping. If you look at the screenshot posted by @rajciok , at the left pane you will see the briefcase, star and other icons that represents workspaces. Each of these workspaces is capable to hold virtually unlimited tabs. I use to dedicate one workspace for personal browsing and two or more for work-related.

Now, tab grouping (Add tab to new group) is a feature already implemented in Brave; however, it’s not enough for my purposes. It’s easier and more quickly to click to a workspace and access the tabs related to a defined purpose (personal, for example).

I believe it would make Brave to gain a strategic position if you implement Opera-style workspaces combined with tab grouping. I’d love this!