Brave should look into a similar feature to Chrome's new Tab Groups Collapse option

As someone who’s never yet been able to solve the ‘too many tabs’ issue, I’m always on the lookout.

Martin Brinkmann ( had this to say about the new Chrome feature that seeks to solve that problem:

"The integration of a collapsing option improves Chrome’s Tab Groups feature significantly. It gives Chrome users options to group sites that they visit, and collapse groups to free up space on the tab bar.

“I see multiple use cases for tab groups, e.g. to sort different activities into different groups, use a “temporary” group for sites of interest that you need to access for a certain time, or to put all tabs into groups to extend the tab space that is available without having to open multiple Chrome windows or using extensions that bring order into the tab chaos.”

Be great for Brave to add a similar feature – one without the limitation noted about Chrome’s in @switters May 16th reply post here . . . Will Brave support the new Chrome tab groups feature?


Tabs groups already exist :sunglasses:
Go to brave://flags/ > search “Tab groups” > Enable


Yes, but I cited the objection to them that had been made in another thread here.

The implication was that Chrome’s tab group feature amounts to little more than a graphic cue, and doesn’t offload the tabs into any kind of memory-saving storage.

Was the claim inaccurate?


Enabling Tab Groups does work. The enabling of the Group Collapsing does not do anything even after full computer restart. Is there something else I have to do to enable it? Because grouping alone does not really help with more than a handful of tabs.

Also: Can grouping pinned tabs be enabled somewhere?


The Tab Groups feature is very incomplete right now and it should be a high priority IMHO. Its missing a way to manage multiple workspaces with separated storage (including cookies). When you change the workspace, the RAM is released (or maybe had an option to define if a workspace should always be kept on memory after it first loads). Would be something similar to Simple Tab Groups available only on Firefox, which relies in the tab.hide() API unavailable on other browsers. I really miss this extension after start using Brave Browser.


You should also be able to assign tab groupings in Settings > Open a specific page or set of pages. I have two groups of pages I open every time and having to set the groups each day makes the feature much less valuable.


Same issue here, Is there an estimated deadline on this one?
Edit: Navigate to this URL: brave://flags/#tab-groups-collapse and set Tab Groups Collapse to Enabled.

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has this been fixed yet

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I just came to using Brave and I tested around with some extensions for tab groups.
Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything suiting for my use case.

In Firefox I use a tab group extension which saves the tab groups per window (Panorama Tab Groups). There I only see the tab groups available in that window and I can switch between them just there. New tabs are automatically added to the current tab group as well. And this is the exact functionality I need, as I am a web developer with agencies as my customers and multiple projects per agency. What I have in Firefox is a window per agency with a tab group per project, so that in the window for agency A there are tab groups for the projects of agency A, while in the window for agency B there are only the projects (tab groups) of agency B.

For Brave I found “Sync Tab Groups”, which even ads a tab group for every new window, keeping the tab group on closing the new window. This doesn’t make sence, because I need to be able to just open an additional widow, view a page, and close it again, without having to remove an automatically added tab group. And I found “Tabox”, for which one has to create the tab groups manually. This would be okay, if it would be able to SWITCH the tab groups instead of adding the tabs of a group to the already open tabs in that window. And both of them can’t have tab groups per window (one window with 5 tab groups, one window with 13 tab groups, and so on).

I want to get away from using Firefox as my default browser (I still need it for testing purposes), but I need this tab group functionality. Does anyone have any idea how I can get this in Brave?


i’m with @XM624 … really love Brave and all this this project is about, but Firefox with Panorama Tab Groups add-on offers an incredible productivity benefit that i have not seen matched in any Chrome extensions–i have not found one that provides the tab image like Panorama Tab Groups.

the tab grouping feature now available in Brave is helpful, and when paired with Auto Tab Discard things are pretty good.

a built-in tab-grouping feature like Panorama Tab Groups in Brave would be sweet. :cupcake:
anyone know if there is a github issue open related to this?

Just go to Brave://flags, activate all tab groups, add search tab. Those flags will give you the features you seek.

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@VAPG1974 i have the tab group flags activated, along with the search tab feature flag. that all works pretty well.
but the Panorama Tab Groups extension offers an interface that allows you to easily see and manage all your open tabs.
these flags don’t do that nearly as well.
tho the search feature is really good–the search feature in Panorama Tab Groups is mediocre with the free-form view active, tho in the pop-up view it works much better.

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I tested that extension, and it didn’t suit me… I think I’m old fashioned.

I asked them a while ago if they can port it to Brave, but got no answer.

I switched to using Vivaldi for my work, as it has this functionality built in.
Brave can stay for the websites I visit during the day.

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