Workspaces in Brave

I have been working on multiple projects for some time and have a lot of tabs open. I currently use Tabs’ groups and Memory Saver. Of course it does help, but it doesn’t solve everything. Group names also take up space…
My suggestion is to create something similar to Opera GX.

How it works?

  • you can create one workspace for free-time with specific cards (eg. youtube, facebook)
  • then you create new workspace for work (eg. gmail, github).

What’s next?

  • let’s say, you just finished your work for today, but you will work on the same thing tomorow
  • now, you can just click on your free-time workspace, and your current window will stay/disappear (depends on your settings) and a new one opens with youtube and facebook
  • after spending 10 hours on youtube, you close your computer
  • the next day you don’t have to worry about the work’s card, because you simply change the workspace back to work and you can continue working.

What are the advantages?

  1. you can have multiple tab groups and switch between them easily
  2. every newly opened tab belongs to the workspace - whereas in ‘tab groups’ every newly opened tab (by default) doesn’t
  3. you can close all cards without having to worry about closing something very important.

How should it looks like?

  • I think that Opera GX did it perfectly - in the sidebar with customizable icons

    Additional information
    Yes, I know I can create new profile (for browser) - but it’s not something I want.
    It’s hard to change between them, stats are reset, and (I’m not sure, so correct me if I’m wrong) setting are default. Workspace should be ‘part’ of your account - so still be synced, stats should be counted etc.

P.S. I’m not a native English speaker, so sorry for any potential mistakes - if something isn’t clear I can explain in other words :blush:

You should check out and vote on: Equivalent of Multi-Account Containers or Temporary Containers Extension (FF)

@just_why The Easiest Solution is to Create different Profiles and Since you don’t want to Create different Profiles, You Should use Extension to Get this Feature Working

Watch the Video

01:19 You can see that you can add any Specific webpage to a Saved Folder Group Just by Clicking + Button

01:35 If Your Browser Profile window has Only New tab and if you Instruct Toast to open a Tab Folder Group, Toast will open all of those Saved Webpages in that Same Browser Window

But However If you Instruct Toast to open a New Folder Group while you have 1 or more tabs actively opened in a Browser Window, Toast will open the Saved Folder Group and all of the webpages Saved in it as a New Browser Window, You can See this Behavior at 01:47

(I did Every action Slowly So You can See What is happening and what I am doing)

Again at 02:07, I have Instructed Toast to Open a New Folder Group only while New Tab is actively opened on a Browser Windows, So Toast opened all of the Webpages Saved in that Folder Group on the Same Browser Window and while I Instructed Toast to open a New Folder Group while Few tabs were open 02:19, It opens the Saved Folder Group as New Browser Window, Hope You have Gained Clarity Now.

For Me, I have Strong Memory Power and Follow a Specific Browsing Pattern So I don’t need any Groups But this Should help with Reference of What You’re trying to Accomplish.

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