Add a tab grouping feature like Opera Workspaces

There are several extensions which create “Workspaces” or “Sessions,” saved as bookmarks. I’m not sure if any of them update the bookmarks when you open and close tabs or navigate to a new page, but you might find something that helps you.

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I currently tested the Workspaces extension and must say it works good - except for not being able to use tab groups, but I will adjust myself to it. Nevertheless, I would love to see a “native” workspaces implementation in Brave (as other browsers have it, as mentioned by others above).

I also needed this feauture, but I found this extension :

This extension just do all I needed. I think that Brave is cool just like that, simple. And if you want to customize it, you can. But an native feauture, that can be enabled, on brave would be easyer.

@onlyfrank, You missed the last letter of the link!