Request for Vertical Tab, Tab Group, and Other Improvements

Vertical Tab and Tab Group Enhancements:

Here is an expanded request with details, summary, and rationale for the proposed vertical tab and tab grouping enhancements in Brave:

Title: Request for Vertical Tab and Tab Group Improvements in Brave

Vertical Tab Enhancements:

  • Move new tab + button to top of vertical tab bar for easier access
  • Add option to double click on empty vertical space to instantly open a new tab
  • Include a keyboard shortcut like Ctrl/Cmd+Click to rapidly create a new vertical tab
  • Show + icon when hovering across any empty vertical tab space to easily add tabs

These vertical tab improvements speed up the tab creation flow for less friction. Top positioning and hover actions reduce cursor travel. Keyboard shortcuts empower rapid creation for power users.

Tab Group Enhancements:

  • Persist tab groups between sessions by default like bookmark folders to avoid rebuilding tabs and regrouping them again. Like a workspace or tab-space per se - recreating the bookmark tab - as it is the only logical upgrade in my humble opinion. Cos, I have a lot of bookmarks but hardly use them as its not operational, the vertical tabs and grouping - and the pin, just make it persistent and bookmark like.
  • Allow saving tab groups as “workspaces” to restore working sessions
  • Sync tab groups across devices like bookmark syncing for consistent access, which will be better on a user level than the chained current one but that is a different conversation all together
  • Retain flexibility to add/delete groups but introduce option to persist groups
    Persistent tab groups enable better workflow segmentation, spaced repetition of contexts, and clutter reduction. They recreate working sets instead of starting over each session. Syncing provides consistency across devices.

In summary, the proposed enhancements focus on:

  • Optimizing vertical tab creation flows
  • Leveraging tab group persistence to segment work and recreate sessions
  • Accelerating tab creation and group restoration
  • Reducing clutter and empowering power users

These changes would take advantage of vertical tabs unique workflow benefits. Fast tab creation and group restoration can compete with tab overload and clutter. Persistence recaptures context to avoid rebuilding. Together these features reinforce Brave’s vertical tab strengths while enriching organization and efficiency. I welcome your thoughts on further improving vertical tab and tab group capabilities.

In summary, optimizations like faster tab creation and persistent tab groups can enrich workflow.

Other Feature Requests:

  • Add option for user accounts or profiles in Brave for separate environments
  • Improve password manager accessibility like one-click icon access

And If any proposed features already exist, please direct me to them and I apologize for the time spent on.

Having user accounts could allow personal and work environments without device switching. Easy password manager access like a browser icon can improve convenience over 1Password.

Overall, vertical tab and tab group optimizations plus user/password improvements could enrich Brave’s offerings. I’m open to feedback on these suggestions. If any features already exist, guidance to them is appreciated. I believe innovations like these highlight Brave’s focus on privacy-first usability.

Brave over all - and check out the new ARC browser, some interesting colourful layout and display going on, see if we get any inspirations but starts with an account - please create user account and why is the reason for not having one - security ? Educate me and shed some light to this mystery. The new opera browser, check it out too and the flow is kinda cool as well. Inspiration come from far and wide. Still Brave over all. And oh that reminds me, some extensions for google chrome browser do not work on the brave mobile as well - trivia - say no to chrome.