Workspaces option that looks like discord servers where tabs can look like channels and grouped according to macro level things like work, personal, social. A good example would be to look up Sigma OS web browser(Linked Below)

I use Brave for my Job, personal work and general browsing. While Tab groups are great, they get cluttered and make me feel the need of having Workspaces like feature.

This feature is something that Sigma OS browser is building and I believe that I am not the only one who would love to have that feature.

Link to Sigma OS Browser-

I am asking for a lot but that would be key for productivity for Brave Browser users. :heart:

@shreyash.gupta5 While some people may know what you’re talking about or will dedicate time to research, can you try to give a bit of a better description for those who won’t?

For example, pretend one of the developers only could go by what you’re asking and no outside knowledge. How would you describe what you’re wanting? I’m just hearing “I’d like a Workspaces like feature” but personally have no clue what that would be.


I consider myself a bit of a browser nerd and I’ve never heard of Sigma OS before. Adding a link would also be helpful if you want to show people what you mean or maybe some screenshots.


Made the change. Thank you for the feedback.
Let me know if anything else!

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Awesome, it helps. Speaking of, have you used Sidebar on Brave yet? It has some of the things you’re requesting. Not as full and detailed as you’re showing, but can think of it as the foundation.

Some from Brave are also working to add more in the future, though taking a small backseat to some other more critical projects at this time.

More on sidebar if unaware: