I have a verified Gemini account linked and I still have not received December BAT payout

Apparently from searching other topics like this, my account may have been flagged? Can a support person message me or look into it for me?

Not sure why my payment is still delayed or not coming.


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HI there, I also got the same problem but the my rewards for brave nightly in December didn’t receive yet, Steven from brave support did contact me after providing the details asked by him then he just vanished. dont know what to do

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Same here… Shows that payments to Gemini are COMPLETE - but I have nothing (More than 4 bats earned!)

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@kissmeon @vishmor @Shorts365
The only solution for this is to contact the brave team send the info they requests, an wait for a reply.

If they determine your wallets were mistakenly flagged they will release them and you will eventually get any unpaid rewards

done it already but no response from the brave people

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When did you do it?, I didn’t sad it would be a fast process :sweat_smile:

I also have not received my payment to my Gemini wallet, and this is what I was told by @SaltyBanana :

SaltyBananaUser Support


My apologies, @akent22

We are working on Gemini linking issues at the moment and once this is resolved, we will try rerunning payments.

when did you open the gemini account, if recently, it usually catches up on 2nd month active

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