account flagged Gemini and verification rewards

Trying again years of losing bat lost over 40k bat using brave for years trying to transfer in a wallet or make a uphold or Gemini account.So finally have the Gemini working and the brave account attached then it locks me out a few seconds later with cant earn rewards or anything are you people kidding or what seems to me like this brave reward is just to show all the hoops that had to be put in place to get all these to work was incredible and now seconds later it locks the brave rewards account really are you people just wasting peoples time to profit all the ad money for yourselves . I see a lot of complaints on forums about this very thing or close to it so what is it I do believe people deserve an answer to this problem and the real answer, not the standard gets lost in a nice way answer . After years of being scammed by this Do believe an answer and fix are in order

Likelihood of anyone having that much legitimately is almost impossible. Especially if you’re trying to say you earned it through Rewards.

Brave’s message of your account flagged or which one are you seeing?

You mean about people committing fraud? Making ridiculous claims they earned 40k BAT? You’re right, it happens way too often. Not to mention the amount of scammers we’ve also seen who appear here in different forms, so much so that Brave had to disable to option for people to send DM to each other.

And it’s because of that activity that the system watches and flags accounts.

Already been an answer to the problem. It’s as follows:

  1. Don’t break the Terms and you’ll be fine, usually.

  2. If you feel you’ve been incorrectly flagged, then create a Rewards Support Ticket at and Brave investigates. If they feel there’s not enough evidence to maintain you’ve violated terms, they reinstate your account. Otherwise they tell you that after review they won’t reinstate your account.

  3. In terms of lost BAT, usually just need to also create the Rewards Support Ticket at and they get it to anyone, assuming it was legitimately earned and not received.

hmm before you go accusing people of fraud maybe you should learn to read and maybe if you read posts properly you would keep from embarrassing yourself.First, of ya cant fraud if you didn’t receive anything and don’t give the standard people are frauding and so on when nothing is given or received by them . Years of losing brave accounts because the system doesn’t work right is not just one person having the problem and you know it it is in the thousands probably . And it wasn’t very hard while back to earn bat after it being lost so many times over the years I lost count and lost patients with brave and if you also read it I said I am trying it again to see if it is finally fixed but yet again brave didn’t disappoint it messed up yet again . And not just with me but with several others in looking through threw net for complaints or issues and you know it and to accuse people of fraud for what they didn’t ask for their bat they said it was lost again didn’t they maybe you shouldn’t open your mouth accusing people of something they aren’t doing nor can they do being they don’t control the bat brave does and it users cant fraud but brave can cant it

Haven’t embarrassed myself and I saw your post clearly. You claimed you lost 40k BAT. This is impossible.

Attempted fraud is same way as fraud itself. You’re saying you attempted. True, you’re also complaining like you failed, but that’s a different story.

BAT never has been hard to earn, but there’s always been something of a limit. Average person just earned about $5/mo in BAT. If anyone wants to assume 40k BAT, even if you’ve been using since 2018, that means a little over 4 years. You’d be claiming that you’re earning around 10,000 BAT per year. This would be over 800 BAT per month. This is impossible.

I’m not. You’re the one who openly is putting it out there. Like I said, you’re making claims that are impossible.

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