Problem updating Brave - Check does not find a newer version

There is a problem with updating Brave on a windows 7 x64 computer that is only used every couple of weeks.

Brave 0.61.x was still running on that PC. I opened Brave and went to the about page in order to check for updates. I was told no updates were available. This is obviously wrong since the latest release is 0.64.x.

I closed and opened Brave several times. Checked again. Nothing. I was always told Brave is up-to-date.

Eventually I manually executed C:\Users$MYUSER\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Update\\BraveUpdateSetup.exe. That finally updated Brave successfully.

So my question is: Why was I told Brave is up-to-date when it was obviously not?

I think it’s a display problem.
I had the same problem. If you open the About page you will see that you are using the latest version. The update downloads itself nevertheless “secretly” in the background, it is indicated to you after completion also that you should start the Browser again (in order to install the update).

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Well, on the about page version 0.61 (outdated) was shown the whole time. And I had opened and closed Brave several times. So, yes, maybe something was downloading in the background. But I doubt this.

But thanks for your input!

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