About the new reading list feature (doh!)

I figured out how to turn it off.
Now how do I turn it on again?

Thank you.


I was trying to help you and lost my icon too!!!

I tried to turn if OFF and then to see how to turn it back ON, to tell you, but now I cannot get it back.

The reading list sidebar is still, but I removed the icon by right-clicking on it and then selecting remove.

Reset settings might be the only for both of us, which I do not wish to do.

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  • If you removed the icon from the Sidebar, then you only hit the plus button (+) and add Reading List back (should be at the bottom, at the top would be the site you are currently on right now and can add to the sidebar)

  • If you removed the Side Panel by right clicking the icon in the toolbar, you will find the toggle here brave://settings/appearance it is called Show side panel button

Chrome initially had a button on the bookmarks toolbar for quick access, but Google removed it when they introduced the sidepanel.
Brave could have re-introduced it

No, there is a icon in top right hand corner where the extension icon, wallet icon are present.

The icon on sidebar can be easily turned on/off as you note but not the one in the top right hand corner.

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Yeah, that’s why I also said:

Because I kind of knew you meant the Side Panel one but still wanted to cover everything related to that.

No not the side panel, the reading list feecher.
Anyone have the answer?

I already said the answer.

Reading list = a button in the Sidebar.

Side Panel button in toolbar = a button to automatically open the Reading List, which is the one located in sidebar. If you removed the reading list button from sidebar, then the Side panel Bookmarks.

You are not even explaining what you are talking about, Side panel is not the same as Sidebar Reading list button, even if they work together.

And I already gave the two ways you can make the reading list disappear, unless you want me to include how to enable the sidebar itself as well.

I mean, have you even checked the mouse or you are assuming “it is not the right answer”?

Good thing is I can just ignore this.

Hi @Passenger are you unable to locate the reading list on your sidebar? I’ve made some investigation and this may help you re enable it.

Go to brave://settings/appearance > Show Side panel button > Click on the + icon > Click on reading list

Now I’m able to see the reading list icon again, let me know if that helps.

Regards. 🦁


Thanks. That did the trick.

What I initially did was hide it by right clicking it.


Glad I was able to help! Should you have other concerns, please let me know. :lion_face:

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i have 2 questions
where is the file with all the links in the reading list ?
is there a way to change the orders of the links in there ?

No. It has been a requestd feature on the Chrome repository. You’ll have to wait.

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Hi there, at the moment there’s no available option to reorder links within the reading list, however, it looks like it will have to wait for a Chromium upstream fix for this to be possible.

For more information, you can read this post: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/25670

still nobody know where could be the file of the reading list ?
in case i have to change os and reinstall brave

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Just Sync it. Brave sync will sync reading list as I seen it settings brave://sync. In preferences, toggle On reading list.

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Getting used to and learning to love this feature.

A very nice way of implementing what I had previously improvised by having a ‘temp’ folder on my bookmarks bar.

A long time ago Netscape had something similar as a sidebar that was intrusive to turn on and off. Early Firefox had an add-on to implement it, but it died from lack of interest.

Is there some flag (or something) that would cause the sidebar to appear on the right? Not a big deal, but I’d like to know for completeness if there is such a thing.

Thanks again.

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This thing works :100: How could i not see it when scrolling through settings idk lol

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