Where is "reading list"?

After a week being offline, I came to open Brave and the Reading List button is not there, not finding any mention on Settings, but still displayed on my Brave mobile bookmarks.
Besides, on “flags” there are no one regarding reading list.

Has been disabled from Google, or is it only on Chrome? Is there any way to get it back?

Brave Version 1.40.68
OS Linux Mint Debian Edition 5 (based on Debian 11 Bullseye, 64 bits).

Besides the media controls have changed a lot, not displaying the video thumbnail and only one control (play/pause).


I was looking for something like that a while back and thought it didn’t exist in Brave. I know Firefox has “pocket”. But, I realized I can simply create a bookmark folder just for the reading list, or queue of things I want to watch etc. I just delete from there as I watch/read or whatever.

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But it was, as in Chrome, but I do not know if chrome still have it.

Had the same issue, received this response on Reddit:

“Chromium sidebar toolbar icon removed and reading list panel deactivated” Link

The reading lists still shows up on Mobile for me, but not Desktop. Not sure how to fix it or what happens from here.


The usual with Alphabet’s devs, if they decide there’s something has to go, everybody lose, and we all know they don’t give a flying Amber (Turd) about what user base wants, asks or expects. As long the list is still on mobile bookmarks I will not risk to update Brave.

Funny enough, Vivaldi implemented a reading list feature of their own, and it’s not been removed.

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you can solve this issue quickly by reinstalling a previous version of the brave browser,
1- go through the previous releases of brave on Github link until you find this version for example Version 1.38.119 Chromium: 101.0.4951.67
2- download the installer file from the assets depending on your OS
3- install and enjoy brave :slight_smile:

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