About transfer of Brave Rewards in android cell phone which are less than 25 BAT

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I have an old cellphone OnePlus 3 in which Brave Rewards of BAT 14 have accumulated, Can I transfer the same to my new Samsung cellphone as the previous cellphone has developed hardware issues and is beyond repair :

Expected result:
Alternatively I already have an uphold wallet signed on my Windows PC, can I transfer the accumulated BATs to the uphold wallet?

I tried clicking on the verify wallet, but it mentions that minimum 25 BATs are required to verify the wallet.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
: Brave 1.23.76, Chromium 90.0.4430.93

Mobile Device details

Additional Information:

There is nothing you can do about it. I also faced the same problem when switching to Samsung. Even I had around 14.750 bat in my account. So I found someone right here in the help group who was willing to transfer the BAT amount to my uphold account from his account at a minimal charge. The BAT’s were safely transferred to my account. At least it is still better than losing all the BAT’s. Hope it helps. And 25 BAT is a long way to go. I think You should consider sending it to some verified publisher. Like I did.

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The idea is good. But is it safe. What if your payment gets stuck once they discover that the payment wallet and the publisher account email have the same IP address.

@writehitesh hi, unfortunately the only way you could back up those bat is by verifying the wallet with an uphold account. there is an issue on github where they discussed to reduction of the verification limit to 15 but I’m not sure if it was implemented. but by doing so you will waste one of your 4 “slots” to verify wallets with your uphold account since you are going to change phones

I honestly don’t think that there is even a slight chance of getting this issue solved. Because decreasing the verification limit is indeed a big step.

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