How can I linked my mobile app?

Hello, I have Brave on my pc and mobile phone, and registered only one uphold account. I have funded it but the account is only linked to my pc, while it doesn’t on my phone application. How can do this please?

Android? iOS?
Currently only supported for desktop and Android.

To do so, you need:

  • the latest version of Brave; you should see Verify wallet button when you click BAT triangle icon at URL bar
  • accumulate 25 BAT in your Android’s brave:rewards wallet in order for the button to be click-able
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An android.

Okay, thanks you. I thought I will need to buy it.

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Hello, but what if I change my phone before the reward reach 25 BAT, how can I recover the wallet back to the app?

What if I accumulate 25 bats and verify my wallet will it deduct 25 bats as fee or we just need 25 bats to verify

We need just to verify the wallet nothing will be deducted.

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Currently there’s no options for that.

And those BAT will be transferred to your Uphold account.

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