Ability to change the background image of the Brave home page to a user chosen image

That is correct.

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Hello there;
I can’t approve my uphold wallet. I’ve confirmed before. It gives an error like this. “Device Limit Reached | Your wallet cannot be verified because you have reached the maximum verified device limit.” I have now verified my 2pc 1 phone device. I would be glad if you help. Thank you so much in advance. @Mattches

@DERE1 @Destruction
This is not the thread to ask support questions like this. This thread is about changing the background image in the new tab. Please open your own issue in the appropriate category and include the information requested in the editor and someone will be happy to assist you.

It would also be great if you could customize all the colors of the tabs and such even separate from the background image, or if chrome themes worked properly. Basically any type of actual customization would be great aside from the partially-functional chrome themes.

@Mattches Problem is I don’t wanna open several irrelevant threads on a topic that’s been discussed for over 2 yrs. And anyways talking about when the feature we’ve been waiting for to release is relevant to the topic.

This particular feature request – changing the background image to an image of your choosing – is currently in progress. You can track that progress here.

If you have issues about Uphold, Rewards, problems with the browser or quite literally anything other than this feature request, please open a new thread and provide us with as much detail as possible. I will no longer be responding to unrelated replies in this thread.

Thank you.

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