Ability to change the background image of the Brave home page to a user chosen image

I would like to be able to mark favorite some of the pictures and block others. When I first installed Brave this horrible picture of Jelly Fish showed up. Very scary. I would pay to keep the nice picture of Kyoto temple.

@Mattches How has it been over 3 months and there is no update on this feature?


Exactly just like I thought

No reply, outstanding a simple feature isn’t even on Brave.

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They have to prioritize their resources I guess…

We’ve been waiting for like 3 yrs tbf

They don’t even have to spend resources on it: Chrome already have that feature.

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Tell us more, good sire…

Chrome new tab custom background option. The option is there, they just need to make it available.

Let’s look on flags…

You’re right. I know this is a bit of an old but ongoing thread but for the love of God Brave, guys, please give us this feature.


Maybe a mob of peasants armed with forks and torches on Brave’s doors would make the magic…

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Is this going anywhere? I would love to see this implemented on Android as well… maybe if we could just pin down an image we like and have that be the only one that shows up that would be awesome!

Ability to upload custom backgrounds is live in Nightly- https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/19640

Solid colours and Gradients are being worked upon- https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/15252


@Mattches Do u have an expected date when it’ll release?

Expected date of v1.37.x is to go live is 29th March- https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/wiki/Brave-Release-Schedule


Is it also for solid colours and Gradients or is that coming in a separate release?

That isn’t done yet so will come in a separate release. Could be in v1.38.x (April end) or after.

Great! So, my question now is, when is it coming to Android (upload custom backgrounds or at least the ability to pin one of the backgrounds so it does not change, preferably the former) ?

Currently it is in Beta (v1.37.x) that has 29th March as expected date to go live. On play store it can take up to a week after that.

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