Advice please! - background image colour and background image to-do list


I’ve just migrated to Brave and have tried to customize it this morning, with varying success.

I’d like to be able to:

  • change the background image to a photo of my family
  • change the background image to a to-do list

I’m leery of some of the extension in the Chrome store, so your advice is very much appreciated!


Happy New Year to everyone!

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Other than extension, there’s no option to do that. That said, Brave have no option to customize NTP. Yet. 🤷

Even in the extension, I am not able to change the background image. It shows the same purple-pink gradient. So, we cannot change it???

Well, we have the choice with sponsored images or not. But I am surprised, I have been stuck with a series of Chinese panorama for 3 weeks now, and while the topography is interesting, even if I am allergic to their socio-political organization…a bit of variety would be welcome. Otherwise, one feels trapped in a deep state brainwashing vortex, as when reading RedState blog which portends to be conservative. but voted unanimously for “Joe” the Chinese trademark.

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