Ability to change the background image of the Brave home page to a user chosen image

Ye but we haven’t been given a release date yet - it’s been long time. I’m really hoping we get a date soon because it annoys me that we don’t this feature.

Man it’s so hard to wait for background images feature to arrive - any updates on it?

@Mattches ?

I know that it’s hard but your patience will pay off. I can ping design team but I don’t think they’ll be able to give any real dates at this time. It’s close though :slight_smile:


Sorry if it’s an inconvenience but it would be nice if you pinged the design team. Mainly because this feature been in the works for long so I’m sure a lot of people would like some sort of update.


I would like to see this feature :slight_smile:

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@Mattches did u ping the design team? If so: any updates?

No updates. We appreciate your patience.

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Ayt thanks! Give us a heads up when you get some sort of information.

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I wouldn’t mind just being able to pick a color. The non image background is jarring. I would think this would be very easy to implement, as someone had to spend the time to do a purple to orange gradient.


It would be nice if they could had a slideshow option

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Just today I thought about how to change the background image, but unfortunately I didn’t find such option in Brave. Please add this feature. Thank you.

@Mattches It’s been well over 2 months now just wanted to ask if there is any sort of update? I’m sorta surprised this feature, from what I’ve heard, has been worked on for 2 yrs and there still isn’t a proper update.

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I need it on mobile too.

Looks like this one is “on deck” and making progress:


Ig it looks like progress is being made. Just wondering, what does on deck mean?

On deck means that it/they are next up to be worked on. One step behind actually being “in progress”.

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@DERE1 – looks like you were blocked by the automated system. I’ve manually lifted the restriction and you should now be able to post.

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So, once in progress is completed, finished is next?