A quick note concerning referral stats not updating

So we have to wait? Ur advice is to not open a ticket support?

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Hi. i can only wait. I have all this probelms for 2 -3 month ago with my Incomes, Payments, and new Referal. I have bring so much hundret of new people to Brave but i have 0 $ earned. i hope brave.com will send me my BAT’ s to my brave account.

Hi all - I’m hoping to have a hard update on this for your by end of this week. Please remember that there has been no data loss.


Hi @me77 - a fix is still on the way for most. It is 30 days of continuous use.

Hi Steeven, I’m not a native speaker, so, sometimes little phrases like “continuous use” appear unclear to me. Does that mean, if brave is been used for 30 days in a row since installment, or if brave has been used accumulated 30 days overall?
Thank you

There could be also days with no use and - or late instalments and usage. Those also count for an infinite amount of time. I still get some users confirmed in March from November and December.

Referral code are kept for up to 90 days according to:

They don’t have to be using it 30 days in a row.
But as long as they use it for 30 days, example: march 1-5, march 10-12, march 15.
This example will be counted as 9 days. As long as it reaches 30 days within 90 days. It will be counted as completed.


you mean they need to use browser 9 times per 30 days to confirm it ?

No. I mean use the browser for 30 days (no need to be in a row) within 90 days to be counted as confirmed.
I edited my post to reflect days instead of times.

If after 90 days the user did not complete the 30 days, it will never be counted as confirmed.


yes . understand now

My dashboard took some time to display stats but now it is showing correctly, I believe. Thanks.

I have a question about how many referrals can one get per month, is there a limit? Since last month a friend did not pay him, his account was suspended, is there a problem if the YouTube account does not have many subscribers and the videos do not have as many views? to what is the reason for a suspension if one gets the referrals and that one searches in so many pages to share the referral link. Cheers

New problem, for yesterday installs are not counted properly and in this case how I read in other topic it’s impossible for refs to install downloaded files. So I lost a lot of ref-s for yesterday and possible also for today. And brave team will can write that is no data loss but in this case will not be true… For yesterday data are lost, ref-s are lost on install stage…

yesterday sever is down . can’t dowload with refferal link or online . why you dont think you have mistake ? why you think you another people have mistake ???

How I noticed a mistake and why I think that it is a mistake? It is extremely difficult do not notice it when you spend a lot of money on advertising and suddenly your number of installations falls by more than 50 times.

Also read info after this post Brave для русскоязычных. Выплаты. Помощь read after this post.

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im trusting the team will recover for lost installs.


Continuous use, everyday?

Hello @steeven.
Your message is still up to date, and work on fixing errors continues?

It’s just that nothing is changing for me. Problems from February 25th are still unrepaired. There is a very low download / install rate. This is visible with the naked eye.

Now new problems have appeared. After March 25, the office works very poorly. Every day he gets up at the mark and freezes. But that’s all right. Then it passes.

The fact is that the number of installations is VERY STRONGLY cut. It can be seen that there are much more downloads. This is definitely an artificial problem. At 333 downloads, total 45 installations.

I just don’t know what to do. My record was closed, although the problem is still not resolved.

Безымянный в

UPD: that’s what, damn it?

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I have the same problem. The difference between the number of downloads and the number of installations appears to be very large. There is a system error

why you know your downloader sure install ?