No update on browser referrals stats

Hi community! Just arrived today to the browser and forum. I’m trying out the platfrom thanks to a friend who talked to me about the referral program.
I follow his link > download > install > create my Brave Creators account and setup my rewards links (twitter & youtube channel).
I then go on to try this system out with a friend.
He does the same: Download > Install > Create Acc.
When he finished, the number on my Promo Stats does not change at all.
I can see I’m not the only one with the issue on the stats and I understand this is a new developing platform.
The browser came as a surprise and I’m going to switch to Brave as my default browser.
But I won’t use the referal program until the issue is sorted out (because I’m not going to promote something that doesn’t give the result at least minimal that is promised).
I hope this feedback helps in solving the bug. And If I can help In anyway I’m here.

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