Dashboard Not Updating

My referral stats are not updating, many of the users whom I have referred has already completed 30 days of use of brave browser still it does not reflect in my dashboard

Can you please DM me the email associated with your Creators account so I can check on my end?

Additionally, can you tell me what you believe your Dashboard stats should look like?

Me too i have referral use brave for 30 days from august and september but not all credited. Can you please resolve this issue?

You can check my referral stats and i have screenshot

Confirmed stats have been not updated from past 2 months

Me too my confirmation stat not updating

Can you both confirm whether or not you’re still seeing this issue?

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Till now i have this issue on my account dashboard. It gettin worse because i have many referral completed 30 days use of brave on September but not added to my confirmed. Only 4 is credited as confirmed. And this day 2 is added but no BAT added to my pending balance. I encounter this issue since August till not fixed yet. :pensive:

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