6 confirmed added.. but no bat added

confirmed added but no bat added its 2 days delay now…

Brave rewards team has recently identified a bug with the referral promo . The display on the dashboard is incorrect. The good news is that it’s totally separate from your BAT balance and is undercounting. This means you will get all of your BAT – even if those confirmations aren’t showing up at the moment.:drooling_face:

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Antay lang it will come

see this screenshot its almost 2 days now…not updated…

and here i got 2 more confirmed 3 days ago without bat being credited on top of that last 7 of my confirmations came very slowly i think 6 got credited but i am patient as brave team is aware of it and fixing it to there best

Have patience @kenji27 @butete your bats will arrive
Creating tempting posts after posts for a well identified issue only adds up to be a bigger problem with chaos taking the charge
As the saying goes
The problem with addicts is between thought and action there comes temptation always !
Brave is new to the table with a plate full of features
Give it some breathing room :slight_smile::hugs:

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The screenshots are days apart and bats do arrive so keep promoting The browser in good faith not just because it is profitable cause its a good browser with a seemingly good future

arguably i was using brave from last year as i found it by myself while looking for a good browser recommend many many people :disappointed_relieved:unaware of the referal system and still skeptical of the red triangle later i stopped using it for a couple of months as people started posting tricks and unhealthy means and whatnot on brave to accumulate more bat and uphold us kyc later i found some of whom i recommend recommending me to use it cause it works and faster than other browsers so gave it a proper look and what i found is brave team struggling to keep up with fraud and unscrupulous means of users refferers tipping themselves referring themselves thus wasting bat ment for genuine promoters wasting brave developers supporters time and energy
I got my own referal link though too late as i already promoted brave with happy users but still i got a few bats before the FIFTH TIER announcement came from brave as a buisness desicison :blush:
but i am still happy as now i know about Cryptocurrency by actually experiencing it and learning a lot and a lot

I request you people be calm as you people have promoted brave to the best and promoting and i am sure brave team will not let your efforts go in vain .

Thanks brave and the brave people behind it☺️


its the tooth fairy !:hugs:

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same problem here, I have 2 confirmed since june and I have never been paid a cent (in BATS), I have a donation but that’s another subject.