A few suggestions from a new user

Hello all,

I would like to suggest the following for your consideration:

  • implement a button that allows all tabs to be cleared
  • implement a feature auto-clearing all tabs after a set period of time
  • implement a setting to allow ‘private’ or ‘private with Tor’ tabs to be the default

Best Regards

Here are my thoughts on your suggestions:

  • You have commands to close all or multiple tabs by right click on them.
  • I think a feature that closes tabs in general after a specified time is a bit of a anti-design pattern
  • In Chrome based browsers you can’t mix incognito windows with normal windows( and by design you should not be able to do that)

Also you can start brave in incognito by passing the -incognito as an command-line argument, you can’t unfortunately start brave in tor mode by command-line, that features was already requested about 6 months ago I believe.

Your first two points can be easily implemented by extensions,