Some Features Suggestions

Hey, I’ve been using Brave since early 2018 and the new version(chromium-based) basically since release. And I have some suggestions of pretty good features that I like in other browsers that I tried before.

1 - The first is the “recently closed tab” feature that Opera has, it is pretty good to have a fast way to re-open a tab that you recently closed. I know that Brave have this feature but it only works for the last tab you close, as far as I know.


2 - The second would be a better list above the address bar when you type. I really like how Vivaldi browser display more options above the address bar and divided by classes “typed”, “search” and “history”.

3 - A way to manage the websites displayed on the dashboard. Apparently you can’t edit the website squares on the dashboard, you can’t choose which one you want there, only exclude. The websites displayed on the dashboard are just the most visited but sometimes you want to put some useful tool site there like

4 - And the last one is a feature from the old Brave browser: the private tab. This was a great feature back then, really like the possibility to use a private tab without the need to open a fucking whole new window. Would appreciate this feature on the chromium-based browser.

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