12 Things they would make Brave much better - developers please read

I love Brave. I love its speed, privacy protection and user interface.
But there are also things you have to fix.

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1. Option to always add bookmarks to the top

Please add simple option (or flag) which would always add bookmarks to the top (on both desktop and mobile). If it would be turned on, it would ignore bookmarks in bookmarks bar folder (they would be still added to the bottom)

Why? That would help you to easier access recent bookmarks (especially on mobile) because they would be sorted from new to old.

2. Option to turn off only adblock

A lot of sites says “please turn off adblocker” or doesn’t work if you have adblock. So you have to turn off shields, but that means shields also aren’t protecting your privacy.

Please add option to turn off only adblock and keep privacy protection running.

3. Immediately password autofilling

Brave doesn’t fill passwords immediately (on page load). Instead of just pressing “log in”, you have to click password field, then select account and then click “log in”. Please add option or flag to fill passwords immediately. (and on mobile too)

Why? It sounds like a trifle, but it’s very annoying, especially when is brave set to always clear cookies so you always have to log in. It also nullifies Brave’s advantage of speed because you waste time with selecting an account (therefore, login is faster in Chrome and Firefox)

P.S. I think immediately autofilling of passwords is 100% secure (See another topic)
P.P.S. I found “fill passwords on account selection” flag, but disabling (or enabling) it does nothing.


4. Bookmarks menu

Please add bookmarks menu (see picture)
Bookmarks menu

Why? A lot of people wants bookmarks menu. That will make accessing bookmarks easier.

P. S. You can also add option in settings > appearance which would hide bookmarks menu. (for those who won’t like it)

5. Reader mode (currently not functional)

Reader mode is currently not functional because it’s often not available, although it is available on the same page in other browsers (Chrome, Firefox). I’ve noticed that “enter reader mode” option in menu appears only after refreshing page (glitch)
It’s also harder to access it because it’s on the bottom of menu.

Please add button for reader mode into address bar (like in Chrome and Firefox)

Why? Reader mode is often very useful because it helps you to focus on page content.

6. Better organized menu

Please make menu better organized (see picture)

Why? In’s hard to find options in current menu because it’s too big and there are too many options. It’s hard to access options like print, find, more tools…

7. Thinner download bar

Too thick download bar takes up too much space. Please add option or flag which would make it thinner (like in Chrome) or create new, thinner design for it.

Why? A lot of people complained that download bar is too thick.


8. Customizable middle button function

Add option in settings>appearance to set middle button (in bottoom toolbar) function by yourself to:
a)search (like current)
b)open new tab
c)shortcut to bookmarks

Why? Some people wants to have new tab button, some wants button for bookmarks and some likes current search button. So the best solution would be to have option to set middle button function by yourself.

9. Forward button on bottom toolbar (android)

Please move “add bookmark” button into menu and replace it with “forward” button.
Just swap them. Back button would be still hidden (you already have it in system navigation bar).

10. Add separators into menu

Add separators into menu.

Why? That would make options in menu easier to find.

11. Swipe up tabs button to close the current tab (@stansvec 's idea)


P.S. that’s @stansvec 's idea

12. Auto clear cookies (on mobile)

Add option to automatically clear cookies when you close the tab on mobile too.

Why? That would improve your privacy.

I’ll be sure to pass this on to the devs as well, but I’d like to address a few of these items, if I may:

  1. Option to always add bookmarks to the top – To be honest I’m not entirely sure what you’re describing here. Always on top of what, exactly?
  2. Option to turn off only adblock – This is something you can already do in Shields. You may want to thumb through our Shields docs to learn more about how they function. To answer your question, you can simply open the Shields panel while on any website, and toggle the Trackers & ads blocked option to Allow all...:
  3. Immediately password autofilling – this is actual done for security reasons, as password autofill functions can be subject to certain attack vectors when implemented in the way you describe.

Thank you for your feedback.

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  1. To the top of the list of bookmarks. Currently, Brave (and other browsers too) adds new bookmarks to the bottom of list. That’s annoying, especially on mobile. Example: you add bookmark. Then you want to open it. If you have a lot of bookmarks in the same folder, you have to scroll to the bottom. It would be much better if bookmark would be added to the top because you would be able to open it without scrolling.
  2. I miss option to allow ads and block trackers.
  3. I don’t understand why immeadiately password autofilling isn’t secure.
    In Chrome and Firefox I’ve noticed that font of username and password font changes when you click “log in” or edit password. That means browser doesn’t fill password until you click “log in” or edit it and sites can’t see it. Browser just shows you preview of it.
    Please do something about that because current password autofilling is really annoying.
  4. Just a question: are shields working in PWA apps? If they are, how to disable them if site is broken (I don’t see shields icon on window frame)?
  5. Sorry, my English is bad.

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