40 BAT lost from balance 1 day after payment date

Checked my balance and 40 BAT has been removed from my rewards.

0 in my browser balance

What steps are your advising I take?

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Me too lost all the earning and now it’s showing this months earning. It all happened when o clicked the claim button… Pls look into this issue devs

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So frustrating isn’t it. This is my first month. It doesn’t bode well. Confidence blown already.

I’ve god like 6 Bat , like 0.80 USD and now i got 0.52 USD, i know it s not a big amount but why i lose that 0.30 USD?
I have 60 adds viewed on laptop and only 0.30 usd? that’s not fair , do a rollback or smth.

I ve got the same issue on the phone too where i losed 0.09 USD.

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It’s the principle isn’t it. We have faith in this project. Come on mods please provide a solution.

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